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Industrial Training


With increasing demand of industry-ready contemporary graduates, there has also been an increased  stress on the link between academics and industry. As corporations rummage around for candidates with hands-on exposure, at Sea Solution we offer project-based Industrial training programs which capably fill the requirement.

Industrial training provides students with the necessary practical exposure and skills and assists the students in changing into a eminent professional engineer. the objective of the industrial training is to expose students to the assorted aspects of industrial practices and ethics, and, to appreciate the significance of theoretical knowledge gained in the University into engineering practice. Students are needed to endure industrial training for a minimum period of 12 weeks and pass the training assessment in order to graduate. the industrial training provides exposure for real world work and internships, career choices with totally different work environments, exposure to latest technologies that are currently being employed by the relevant industry, etc.

To make optimal use of students’ vacations, we offer industrial training for college students of all streams, as well as CS/IT, B.Tech and Management. Conducted for around 6 Months, such industrial training programs are job-oriented and help students to relate syllabus with industry practices and responsibilities.

Through our project-based Industrial training, Sea Solution trainers practically build on theoretical concepts covered at the college level and provide live project trainings. Students are able to solve issues in an exceedingly real-time environment that opens a window to the professional world. They become more confident, as well as find a connection between their chosen field and needed industry standards.

The people who do not need anyone’s help goes to them when are in technical problem because they know the answer which they will not get from anywhere will get it here and Sea Solution is known for its services.


Online training is growing in popularity for a spread of reasons. First, as organizations become additional spread, classroom training becomes a bigger challenge as employees work in offices (and at home) everywhere the world. Second, instead of exploitation valuable time attending lectures, opt for a self-paced online training course that explains the concept along side practical information online training is best for everybody who needs to boost their skills, learn something new or is in need of training due to any reason.


During this training, the students are exposed to live projects, which are running in the college campus or offsite. The students can learn and implement them in real time environment.


If you choose for six-month training, the students are given the exposure to the live projects. Besides that, we have a tendency to impart knowledge in students in such a manner that they’re capable of taking up interviews in an efficient manner.


We also work as consulting agencies and offer live project training to our students where you’ll be able to get all types of technical solutions. If you have got made any application and everything is correct. However, only 1 issue may create some downside, that is out of your knowledge, and you have already heap of your time in debugging it but you probably did not get any satisfactory result thus in this case, you can ask for the assistance from these consulting agencies and that they can get you out of this.


At Sea Solution industrial training programs give training on advanced courses so that one will get the necessary knowledge to develop any program or app. it’s not necessary that the person who desires to work on any application should have complete knowledge about developing it because unless you’re taking training it’s insufferable to be professional of it and developing an app isn’t difficult but developing advanced and that too perfect app is really difficult. Therefore, we help by providing training of the advanced courses so that you can go hand in hand with the demand of industry.




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