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Corporate Training

Skill Enhanced Academic solution is Delhi based leading software, hardware and Soft Skills Training Company. We are specialized in providing software training Soft Skills training and hardware training on latest technologies in Corporate Companies in various IT related courses without any breakwhich makes an individual a complete professional. Our benefits, sincerity, doubts clearing session in various fields has attracted various persons and companies especially top IT giants. So, the past few years we are giving training to the employees of TOP corporate companies in all over India. In Training,we have lot of trainers & Industry professional with vast experience in various software and hardware fields.We have on board with us the best of trainers in the industry for technical skills and behavioral skills. Our experts and professionals are internationallyand well Certified, have good knowledge on the subjects and they are friendly with the employees, providing each topics with practical sessions.We train your employees like never before.

Unique Features of Corporate Training

Productivity:-  Employees who received training are 17% more productive than those who did not received training.
• Corporate learning can give you the competitive drive to have an edge in today’s world. Even when you become busy with your career, the opportunity for learning, albeit lesser due to time constraints, is still there.
• Corporate training programs were developed for employees to hone their skills and acquire new ones within the framework of their own companies. At Skill Enhanced Academic Solution, we even provide customised training for a range of industries.
•  Employees learn newer and better ways of doing things, which in turn results in more efficiency in the workplace.

Our Corporate Training Programs Feature

  • Customized Training Programs.
  •  Flexible Training Schedule- Courses can be delivered at your chosen convenient time
  •  Course ware includes all latest technologies
  •  An experienced and certified faculty group size

 Most advanced Training Resources –course material along with CDs, live project and e-books




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